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Kepping up the momentum of a blog.

My last post was almost a month ago. Clearly , at least for me,  keeping up the momentum is the most difficult part of having a blog. It is true that there have been several big changes in my life recently, so this could be a reason/ excuse. However I have not been motivated to keep up with the blog and even considered eliminating it.

On the other hand, I know that all social media requires persistence. So I am going to have another go at keeping this blog. I will aim to post once a week , because that is probably a doable goal.

I am sure many bloggers have the same experience and there are millions of abandoned blogs out there in the blogosphere.

I am thinking that these are some of the reasons/excuses bloggers might have for not posting. Not all of them apply to me.

1. Lack of time.

2. Lack of motivation.

3. Can´t think of interesting topics.

4. A serious life event interrupts all extra activities.

5. Become discouraged if they don´t have followers or comments.

6. Have a hard time finding, taking or uploading good photos.

7. Started the blog without thinking about the “commitment” involved.

8. Starting multiple blogs and not concentrating on any of them.

In my case a serious life event is what interrupted my posting. But now it is time for me to get back in the swing of this. I also have had difficulty from the beginning with the photo aspect of blogging, and some of the blogs I follow have absolutely beautiful photos. But , as I have learned , it is not a question of comparing my blog to others, but just comparing my own progress as I continue to blog and learn.

I also recently started another blog , English for Health Professionals ,as a service to my students and others non native speakers of English who might be interested  , but I ended up not posting on either of them this month. Well , no harm done,will just carry on!!!

What has been a blocking factor that you have come across in your blogging?

Well , best wishes to all for a great year in 2014!!!


What´s wrong with this blog? Five things to improve now.

I started this experimental blog about 4 months ago and it is time for an evaluation. Well rather than  focus on the negative , the errors ,  I prefer to look at it from a proactive perspective , what could be improved?

  1. Post regularly.   Have set days for posts and follow through. If you fall off on this people lose interest. ( On a trial basis I will set the days  Friday and Sunday, because I think more people read blogs on the weekend. I will pre-write them and set them to be posted automatically.)
  2. Set up categories in a logical, organized way. For example, I now have 3 very similar categories with only a few posts in each of them, environmental, vegetable garden and permaculture. This needs to be rethought and streamlined
  3. FOCUS.  Right now this blog is all over the place….. mediocre pictures of nature, poems I like, stories about people,  gardening , etc… too scattered. Not surprising because this  is how my mind works , I am interested in many things. But I have to either find a way to present this better , or narrow the focus of this blog.
  4. Tag correctly. In this area I have to do a bit of research to find key search words. Not really ready to do this yet because there are other improvements that take priority over this.
  5. Overcome procrastination ( aka become disciplined) . I have lots of ideas of things to write about, but I don´t always get around to sitting down and posting, and sometimes for no good reason.

I am enjoying the process of the newbie blog, even though I am far from satisfied with the present state of it.  But no problem,  I am learning and there is no pressure involved.