Does anyone have a Permaculture solution for a very windy roof garden?

I would like to ask if anyone has a Permaculture solution for a very windy roof garden.

I live on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain and there is plenty of sunlight for my roof container garden and there is usually adequate rainfall, but sometimes there are very strong winds and this has damaged a lot of my plants on the roof. I was thinking of putting some bamboo plants as a barrier but since they have deep roots , I am not sure if they can grow in containers. Any kind of panel could blow off the roof and be a potential danger to people in the street , so whatever I use as a wind breaker would have to be very secure and not able to fly away.

I welcome any suggestions.


7 responses to “Does anyone have a Permaculture solution for a very windy roof garden?

  1. Maybe a low willow fedge could work. I don’t think willow has a particularly deep root and you can coppice it yearly to stop it getting too high.

  2. wow, that is a problem. Is there an edge around the roof? Maybe grow some low growing types in raised beds. How much space? Maybe you should photograph the space + then we can look at it and pick our brains together over the cyber fence? You sure don’t want that wind to hurt anyone. There has to be a way! Don’t give up:-) I struggle with some issues with my growing space,too:-) A lot of trial and error:-)

  3. Thanks for your reply Robbie. Yes. Of course. I should include a picture!! I won´t give up, little by little I will continue. It is not always windy, it is usually beautiful, but what happens is that when there is a windy day…or a few consecutive days, it knocks down and destroys everything. Some smaller containers I can bring downstairs to the apartment or balcony, but most of the containers are too heavy to carry. Thanks again 🙂

  4. How is your roof top garden doing ?

    • Hi Robbie. Thank you for thinking of me!! It´s a very small garden this year. But I did try something new. Green beans in containers. They are going tall. I hope to get some photos soon. Hope all is well with you and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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