Kepping up the momentum of a blog.

My last post was almost a month ago. Clearly , at least for me,  keeping up the momentum is the most difficult part of having a blog. It is true that there have been several big changes in my life recently, so this could be a reason/ excuse. However I have not been motivated to keep up with the blog and even considered eliminating it.

On the other hand, I know that all social media requires persistence. So I am going to have another go at keeping this blog. I will aim to post once a week , because that is probably a doable goal.

I am sure many bloggers have the same experience and there are millions of abandoned blogs out there in the blogosphere.

I am thinking that these are some of the reasons/excuses bloggers might have for not posting. Not all of them apply to me.

1. Lack of time.

2. Lack of motivation.

3. Can´t think of interesting topics.

4. A serious life event interrupts all extra activities.

5. Become discouraged if they don´t have followers or comments.

6. Have a hard time finding, taking or uploading good photos.

7. Started the blog without thinking about the “commitment” involved.

8. Starting multiple blogs and not concentrating on any of them.

In my case a serious life event is what interrupted my posting. But now it is time for me to get back in the swing of this. I also have had difficulty from the beginning with the photo aspect of blogging, and some of the blogs I follow have absolutely beautiful photos. But , as I have learned , it is not a question of comparing my blog to others, but just comparing my own progress as I continue to blog and learn.

I also recently started another blog , English for Health Professionals ,as a service to my students and others non native speakers of English who might be interested  , but I ended up not posting on either of them this month. Well , no harm done,will just carry on!!!

What has been a blocking factor that you have come across in your blogging?

Well , best wishes to all for a great year in 2014!!!


4 responses to “Kepping up the momentum of a blog.

  1. I want to start this comment by saying this; I enjoy reading your thoughts, wherever they appear.

    I have written one post a day for almost a full year and nothing has blocked me, which I find amazing. I think what’s helped is that I’ve consistently let go of assumptions about what a post “should” be and focused on “what would help ME to write about today”? Some of my posts have been short, some have been long, but they’ve all been helpful to ME. Also, in the moment that I am writing, I let go of assumptions about what other people will think, as well as letting go of my own critical voice about my writing. That’s what’s worked for me.

    I am selfishly hoping that this comment helps you write more, because I would love to read more from you. But if you don’t write more, that’s okay, too. (That’s another thing I tell myself, and that also helps.)

    All the best,

  2. We have felt just the same as you. We started our blog to put out what we considered to be free information about off grid living, how it can be done without lots of money. When you get very few comments or interest it can be so disheartening. Having said that, the comments we have received have been very encouraging ! We now just post something when we feel inclined and not as a regular thing. We obviously found your blog interesting enough to follow, but maybe we have been guilty of not leaving messages, sorry !! Have heart, we all read and enjoy each others blogs but don’t always comment, who knows, this may just be the kick up the bum we needed to post another blog ourselves !! Happy New Year.

  3. Don’t let that discourage you since my first blog on blogger I would not post as much. Just keep going , if you enjoy it… don’t worry. ….All of us folks that like to read what is going on in your life will stop by:-)…it looks like you have a following! I feel I have been guilty of all the excuses above over the years—:-)

    • Thanks Robbie… I do enjoy blogging..but sometimes , and this has been happening a lot recently other priorities come up…such as when family or friends are ill or having troubles. But you have been blogging for years, so you know all that I am sure!! The point for me is to get back to it when things get to a new normal…as they inevitably will! Thanks again for all your encouragement!

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