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Marbles. A birthday rememberance.


“That guy is as sharp as a marble.¨

That´s the kind of wisecrack my late brother Nemo (Tom) used to make.

If someone asked him a personal question, he would quip back  “Are you writing a book?¨ If you answered “Yes” he would say ¨Well, leave that chapter out.” Remarks  like these were his style and although he  acted like a tough guy construction worker, he was very kind hearted. For example , no matter how he was feeling , when elderly neighbors would call him in the middle of the night to help them get up  after they had fallen, and he would go right over.

He loved riding his bike on the boardwalk and cast fishing on the beach . Some years ago he liked to go out on the fishing boats that leave from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and he loved taking his niece and nephews to  Great Adventure in the summer when they came to visit. He was proud to be a member of a chapter of the NYC carpenters union. He was sharp as a tack , almost to the end. I was grateful to be at his bedside as he took his last breath.

Happy 50th Birthday Tommy!!  September 25th!!  You are always in my heart.


Life Detour

Detour in the road ahead. Won´t be here on WordPress for a while , but I´ll be back.



So how was the first month blogging?

Since this is a learning blog, I have to evaluate how it is going . In past month  , which has been the first month, I have learned that blogging is neither hard nor easy.Mainly it depends on if you feel like doing it or not. Sometimes I was really into it, enjoying it. Then other times I was not that enthused, or just busy with other things that took priority. I did want to commit to myself to do a minimum number of posts per month, and I did do them .


The first surprise was when two other blog writers replied to my posts. Both of them have really good blogs, one about gardening and one about crafts , so it was fun to get their comments , look at their blogs, and interact with them several times. So , thanks to the two of you.plant growing in hand

It is also fun to change formats and see how the blog looks using other themes that are provided by WordPress. The first time I did this , I didn’t´t know if I would lose all my posts, but no , nothing like that happens , you just see other formats and can change back with a simple click.


The biggest challenge has been the motivation to keep it up. The days go by very quickly , and when I saw I didn’t  have a post written, I just put up a picture, which may not have been the best choice, but I am going to leave it the way it is.

The second challenge is the photography. I have a long way to go as far as taking or finding the right photographs. Also it is not so easy to place the pictures in the exact position I want them to be in , but with Windows Live Writer it is easier to do it than directly on the WordPress page.

So, what to do?

Just keep going.  My goal is to learn , not to be a star blogger. And that is just fine. It has been a pleasant activity so ,to sum up;  so far, so good.